Harada san message

"I am overjoyed that we were able to make this tournament happen on the 15th anniversary of the series. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Tekken fans around the globe. With contestants competing from 24 countries and regions around the world, this tournament truly is a global one; perhaps the biggest one of its kind for a fighting game.

Japan, Korea, South-east Asia, and Oceania and their players with a strong arcade background, North America, with its major tournaments, Central Europe with its large player base, and the rapidly expanding fan base in Northern Europe, have all set the stage for this particular event and made it not only international, but also highly competitive.

The scale of, not only the finals, but the qualifying tournaments as well was quite large so it was quite a task to organize. However, it was successful in large part because of the cooperation of all the Tekken players out there. I would like to thank everyone for helping to make it such an exciting event!
I’ve been to various events worldwide over the past 15 years but I’m always quite surprised by the turnout at tournaments I have attended around the globe, a lot of them being organized with little or no official support.

This year, Tekken 6 was announced as the only official fighting game for both the World Cyber Games and Major League Gaming pro circuits. In South Korea, home to the winner of the Tekken 6 World Tournament, there is a Tekken TV show that has proven to be quite popular.

I have always felt the need to increase company support for these events organized by fans worldwide, but the feeling has gotten even stronger after experiencing this tournament. In organizing an international event of this scope, there are many obstacles such as the laws, regulations, and unique needs of each country, but I would really love to see more events like this in which the players from around the world can gather together for a truly spectacular event.

The Tekken series will, of course, continue and we will focus our efforts on creating a game that players around the globe can continue to get excited about so we hope everyone will be looking forward to our future plans for the series."

Tekken Project Director – Katsuhiro Harada

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